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Osteopathic Physician
Yoga Instructor

I graduated from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1986.  I have practiced in Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in a variety of settings.  I am at a place where the cumulative effects of all the things I have learned are allowing me to create a space that reflects this experience and gives me a chance to be my authentic integrated self. I am board certified in family practice, neuromusculokeletal medicine, and cranial osteopathy.

My vocational imperative has been a quest to understand healing. I look at health and illness in a broad context, forming partnerships to facilitate healing. I see my role as one who listens with head, heart, and hands. I regularly utilize practices that exercise the mind, body, and spirit because that is how i deepen my ability to hear and be aware.  This type of experience counsels us to bring ourselves into attunement rather than to pursue achievement.

I work with Beth, Todd, and Shoshanah to create an environment that intentionally cultivates community, space, and time for people to find ways to heal and live healthier lives. We are excited to be coming to Old Town, where we have already felt the openness of the community to these common ideals.



Daring Greatly Facilitator
Lifestyle Educator

Connection, courage and compassion are the 3 “c’s” of my work.  As a lifestyle educator I work in concert with Dr. G to  help patients put into practice new healthy ways to live. (around eating, sleeping, exercise and stress management)  Part counseling, part cheerleading, part teaching, together we can find new patterns and paths to greater and sustainable health. 

Another part of my work is facilitating groups and individuals in Daring Greatly.  (based on the work of Brene Brown) With this work, through group or individual sessions we work to understand and cultivate a sense of authenticity in your living so you might live a wholehearted life.  Through self compassion and connecting to your sense of purpose and activating your courage this method of self discovery can lead you to be your authentic self . 

I have certifications as a Life Style Educator from Metagenics and as a Daring Way facilitator.  I also received a BME in Vocal Music Education from Butler University and a MA in Family Counseling from MSU and a M. Div from Columbia Theological Seminary.  I am and ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.



Office Manager
Patient Care Coordinator

I first met Dr. Grimshaw when his wife felt called to our church in Leslie, Michigan to be our pastor and we joyfully agreed. Over the last six years I have gotten to know him as one of the most spiritual and focused people I have had the privilege to meet. Over the years I learned from others that he carried those attributes into his medical practice as well. So, it is an honor for me to help him in his practice.

My first time in a patient role with Dr. Grimshaw was not long ago. After going to doctors, physical therapists, and other health professionals for months, I was on the verge of being unable to walk. Dr. Grimshaw quickly assessed my condition, ordered the correct tests to diagnose the problem, and set me up for surgery. The thoughtful, gentle way he did this included communication and assurances from, not only him, but his care team as well. I was deeply impressed with the way everything was plainly and patiently explained to me in the process.

My background may not seem, at first thought, to be preparation to enter the medical field as a Patient Care Coordinator. I have been a farmer, a welder, a government official, a property assessor, a teacher, an agricultural researcher, a salesman, and a retail store manager. But, almost all of these experiences required the serving others using communication and technology. I feel my role at Old Town Doc is to use those skills to serve, through the facilitation of communication between Dr. Grimshaw and his patients. I am hopeful that this will allow both him and the patient the focus and ability to most effectively pursue health and wellness.

I farmed a 1500-acre family crop and livestock farm with my father for over 25 years before quitting to get a teaching degree, mainly teaching Special Education and Elementary age students. I have been involved in township government since the 1980’s, as a property assessor, township board member, and currently as a Township Supervisor and Planner. I’ve also sold commercial seed and tractors and done research on corn and soybeans, and managed a hardware store. I am a life-long learner. My hobbies are reading, writing, singing, and steelhead fishing. I also weld steel sculpture and blacksmith, hobbies I have just gotten back to recently.

My wife, Carrie is a retired Elementary School teacher and we have always lived on our farm in Leslie Township. We have three children and three grandchildren. Education has always been important to our family and we have degrees from Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Spring Arbor University, Central Michigan University and Eastern Michigan University. College sports on TV can sometimes get complicated at family gatherings!

I enjoy getting to know Dr. Grimshaw’s patients and I look forward to serving you!  


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Patient Care Coordinator

Having first been introduced to Dr. Grimshaw as a patient, I jumped at the opportunity to work closely with He, Beth, and Jenna and join the Old Town Doc family! I have an absolutely profound appreciation for his and Beth’s commitment as whole-hearted healers who put their time and energy into truly empowering the people that they work with.

I was brought from managing restaurants in New Orleans, Charleston, and Chicago in to the functional, holistic medical profession via my own disabling and chronic injury.

I still love good food and drink, but working with patients to find their balance in healing and in life - which is my own ongoing journey - has brought me great purpose and joy.

My foundation in Asian Bodywork, Massage, Western Herbalism, and Southern Folk Medicine allows me multiple perspectives on differing systems of treatment in healing practice. Together with being a self-described anatomy and physiology geek, I believe that I am better able to openly communicate and be an advocate for the needs of patients. I continue to learn each and every day that I work here in the office - it’s a privilege and a blessing to be apart of such an empowering team!


Media Coordinator 

I consider myself a creative communicator. I love having the opportunity to work with my parents and share with the world the important work that they do. My hope is that through this website you will better understand the Old Town Doc holistic way of looking at health. 

Since graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a BA in Film Editing and Post Production I have explored work in several of my creative passions.

These include but are not limited to shooting and editing videos and photos, drawing, painting, design, creating logos, websites, and social media pages.

Patient Feedback from Square


Treatment for Plagiocephaly  

Among the many great things happening in this chapter of my life, I have been fortunate to have a dramatic influx of new patients that are babies, children, and youth.  This is something I have been intentionally cultivating, as I have skills that can be of great help to their growth and development and I particularly enjoy working with them.

I am particularly grateful to the pediatricians who have been making these referrals and to a mom who blogged about her child’s experience with me when I treated his Plagiocephaly.  Her blog has become extremely popular on Pintrest.
She graciously gave me permission to put the link to “How we squeezed my baby’s head to avoid a helmet” on my website. 

Since many parents and doctors are not familiar with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine or Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, they have many questions about what I do and what visits with me will be like for their children.  I asked my Media specialist who runs my website and has a bachelors degree in Film to make the following video that addresses many of the frequently asked questions parents ask when they call to schedule appointments for their children.

Thanks to Kelsey Grimshaw, who filmed and edited this video, and to the children and their parents who gave permission for me to use footage obtained during regular appointments this month.  Both of the children shown have seen me a number of times now and are nearing completion of their course of treatment. 

There is more information about my practice and methods in the FAQ section of the website.  You are always welcome to call with questions and talk with Jenna, too.


Holistic Medical Practice Lifestyle Coaching

Here is a video about another vital part of our practice. Beth and I have been collaborating on this project since 2007. We were looking for a way to help patients who were not progressing despite good medical care. We realized that Lifestyle choices are a key element in whether or not people get better. It is the part of the equation that is up to the patient, but often needs support, Coaching, and encouragement from the doctor and his or her Lifestyle Educator to actually succeed at changing patterns of behavior and Lifestyle habits in order for the patient and their family to make a long term change toward better health. Since we began this, our practice has radically changed, because many of our chronic patients have gotten better and no longer need to keep coming back to see us.

We became Certified through the First Line Therapy Program sponsored by a leading Nutraceutical Company called Metagenics in 2007. First Line Therapies are what physicians are supposed to use before prescribing medications. They involve educating patients about Nutritional Therapies, Exercise, Stress Management strategies, and efforts to improve the patient’s ability to rest and experience restorative sleep. Through this program, we use Functional Medicine principles to support patients with chronic illnesses and persons who just haven’t gotten better with the typical approach used by medical specialists in various fields. We have also applied this approach to support families who have children with special needs.

As you will see in the video, we use a non-judgmental approach, we individualize our care for each patient and their family, and we apply what we have learned to help the patient and their family to have agency in helping support the healing process. The underlying theme for this program is Holistic Integrative Medical Care that looks at the context in which a person’s illness has occurred.


Enjoy pictures of the Old Town Office now and during the building process.