Yoga As Medicine

Our class uses an integral yoga approach, meaning we approach the work with equal emphasis on each of the aspects of a person: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual. At each class we practice postures, yoga breathing techniques, and meditation techniques. Class lasts for 90 minutes. We have discussions each week about how the rich tradition of yoga philosophy informs us on what we can do to promote our health and well being as well as cope with illness and obstacles we encounter that keep us from optimal health. We then practice the techniques that are prescribed for all aspects of our being: asanas for the physical body, pranayama for the emotional body, meditation for the mental body, the use of sound for the intellectual body, and service and study for the spiritual body. Several texts and resources are used for the class, but the title is inspired by the book Yoga as Medicine by Timothy McCall, MD, who like instructor Dr. David Grimshaw is both a physician and a teacher and practitioner of yoga.


Class starts at 6:45 pm and goes until 8:15 pm each Wednesday.

The Address is: 2253 Kenmore Dr Okemos, MI 48864

Come in the driveway with the lantern, park at the End before you reach the gate. You can park in the grass.  Walk through the gate and the meditation center will be in the field. The door is around to the right side of the building as you approach. Go around the right side of the building, swing around the Big Cedar Tree, and the door will be in front of you.



The cost of taking the class is $15 per 90 minute class.  As students were able to do at Mindful Movement, they can still purchase 4 classes for $45 or 8 for $90, getting a discount. Payment can be by cash, check, or credit card and done through my office.  (517-492-4818).  We will be using a punch card system. When purchasing classes, students can choose however many classes they want to pay for at a time and we will make a card with that number of classes indicated.



www.babajiskriyayoga.net (Ashram)  

http://www.babajiskriyayoga.net/english/bookstore.htm (Little Blue book of postures, Deepening Your Practice, and The Sutras of Patanjali)