Over looking Cedar Street is our Conference room.  It serves double duty as the room I use for counseling.  There is a small nook in the corner of the room with the “therapist” couch and “crying chair”.  This room also holds a large table that can seat 8-10 people and more of the beautiful bookcases floor to ceiling.  We have tucked a TV in the shelves so we might hold educational forums and community gatherings in this room.  This room opens up into the kitchen which is decorated with travel posters.  What better way to travel the world than through the endless varieties of foods and flavors.

We have many hopes and dreams for what will go on in this room of our office suite. 

Some of the ways we hope to use this room are:

  • Food Becomes You Gatherings- a chance to come together and realize that food really is our most powerful medicine and learn new ways to eat and be sustained.
  • D3 evenings Dinner and Documentary Discussions-a time to share a meal and watch a documentary on various health and wellness topics.
  • Daring Greatly groups—weekly and intensive retreats to meet, study and process the work of Brene Brown about our common needs for connection, community and compassion.
  • Group Patient Visits- Gathering patients together with similar diagnosis and concerns to learn and support one another while seeking health.
  • Mixed Media Art Mantra Classes- come and unlock your inner artist and create a mantra to inspire your living.

We are thrilled to have a place where we can come together and share and learn.  We are sojourners on this adventure of life.  In this place we can gather, share and shore each other up to lead us all to a holy, wholly place of health.


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