Why did I pick Old Town? I think the most important reason is that when I am in Old Town, I simply feel more comfortable; it is where I feel most at home, where I belong.  That has to mean something.  It is a way of listening to and honoring my spirit. It is an intangible, and though there are many tangible reasons for moving here, I am an intuitive person and I have learned to listen to my intuition.  It has some wisdom.

I am a great fan of history.  I especially love the Old World (Europe) and the even older writings and teachings of Yoga philosophy.  Being in touch with things that have lasted a long time makes me feel connected and gives me more assurance that what I am learning and applying to my life now has been tested and honed by hundreds of generations of thoughtful people.

One thing I learned from several of my mentors that really stayed with me was that the basics in the practice of medicine; listening carefully to the history, keen observation, palpation, and a thorough physical exam (no short cuts) are the things that make great physicians great.  The basics are what I have spent years trying to get better at doing.  I would call that Old School Medicine, and I still believe it is the foundation of any great physician’s practice.  We have a lot more ways to obtain further information, but if we don’t know our patient, we’re going on a fishing expedition without any wise guidance to know what to look for.

I believe in being a participant in community, not an observer in the stands watching.  I see that  kind of participation amongst the people I have come to know who are part of Old Town, and I want to be with others who are of similar mind and are practicing community. 

I believe that we need to come to terms with how divided and polarized our culture is on matters of race, class, gender, sexual preference, and access to things we all need to be safe and healthy like food and shelter and healthy relationships.  I see Old Town as a place that celebrates art, creativity, and diversity.  I want to be part of the effort to dispel the fear and intolerance that is poisoning our culture.  I think Old Town has a critical mass of people who want that as well.

Finally, I like being next to an old river flowing.  That imparts an energy that keeps me going; this continuing tense is needed to sustain our work and attention to our vocational calling.  Nature shows us fecundity. It continuously demonstrates creativity in abundance.  This is our directive.  Listening and responding to the lessons of nature is what keeps us from forgetting why we are here.  I am in a place of renewal in my life now working in a building that has been graciously saved and renewed by its owners.  I am grateful for this!