Your first view of our beautiful suite comes from our window in the corner of the shared waiting room. From here you get your first glimpse of the sweeping arc that is our reception circle and my desk area. I love the shape and size of my desk because of its accessibility for me and patients, and how it reflects the openness we have here as a practice. We want patients to feel really seen and heard when they are here, and my desk being open to the waiting room, hallway and treatment rooms helps me do this on a daily basis. I personally find it very important to connect with patients on a level deeper than just patient care, and the shape and scope of my desk area has made it easier to have a conversation or a laugh with patients, which I love to do.

Structurally, above the desk you’ll notice the beautiful wooden art piece that was hand made here on site by the ridiculously talented finish carpenter who lent his myriad skills to us in other parts of the office, Marshall Kirk. (His work can also be seen in the shared waiting room in the shape of a gorgeous latticed circle suspended from the ceiling). This piece mirrors and reinforces the arc of the desk, adding to the grand scale of the reception area. It is a beautiful, powerful piece of art, and we are thankful to have it.

We hope that what we’ve been able to accomplish up front is a dynamic, open and welcoming space that is as much about excellent care as it is comforting and inspiring for our patients.

Written By Jenna Morgan