The Beginning of Life

Beth and I watched this film over the weekend.  It is phenomenal, an inspiring and deeply moving film.  It deals with the things that are at the center of both Beth and my vocational calling—to help children, their parents, families, and community thrive and have the opportunity for a full and meaningful life.  Families from all over the world are featured.  You will see astonishing contrasts in the conditions for children and their parents in different parts of the world.  You will learn how incredibly important it is for us to invest our time and love and ability to care for them so they can thrive and it will make your heart soar.  You will see how the lack of societal infrastructure to give parents the time to invest in their children is so damaging to all of us and it will make your heart ache. 

It does take a whole village to raise one child. This is the best film I’ve ever seen to show us what that really means.


Directed by Estela Renner