A year has passed since we made the video about using Cranial Osteopathy to treat Plagiocephaly.

A few days ago, our Treatment for Plagiocephaly video passed 24,000 views.  It has helped a great many babies.  My office has been blessed with a steady flow of little ones coming for a few visits from when they are 4-5 months old with worried parents in tow until they graduate when they are 12-15 months old with happy parents and lovely heads, more relaxed bodies, having caught up on their developmental tasks.

There have also been over 20 encounters via email, Facebook messaging, and phone conversations with moms from Australia, Africa, Indonesia, Italy, and several states here in the U.S.  Since I belong to the Osteopathic Cranial Academy and have familiarity with affiliated organizations in my Field of Practice, I have been able to refer parents to capable practitioners of Cranial Osteopathy around the United States and the World.  Isn’t that amazing?  I know this would not have happened without the video (thank you Kelsey Grimshaw), the diligence of my amazing patient care coordinator (Thank you Jenna Morgan),  and a very well written Pinterest Blog by a former patient’s mom: (Thanks, mom!:)

How we Squeezed My Sons Head to Avoid a Helmet Blog

Of course, I see kids with issues other than torticollis and plagiocephaly who might have a longer road to travel.  They are a joy to me as well.  We all have obstacles to overcome; I am a very fortunate doctor to be given the opportunity to help families deal with the challenges that come when their children have a more lasting illness, effect of an injury, or delays with their Neuromusculoskeletal development.

What could possibly be a better motivation to study and work to improve your abilities as a physician than the opportunity to improve the trajectory of a young child’s life?  The benefit to the family’s health and wellbeing is a ripple from that as well.

I like the slogan of the Non-Profit I work for as Medical Director: Third Circle of Michigan: Supporting Children and Families in Community.  It all fits together.  No child’s health exists outside of the context of family and community.  We care for each other; that is what makes community.

Thanks to the families who have come and allowed me to help them.

Dr. G

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